Becoming Mrs Du

A week ago… my last name was changed.
Okay, okay let me tell you how that day went.
(I will write on my next post how we process the papers here in UAE)
More than the preparation itself… being married is more important than getting married. Almost everyone was shocked and caught uninformed we are getting married, questions pop like am I pregnant or what’s there to rush for? Initially, we planned to arrange our papers on the last week of April in the Philippines. Since my mom doesn’t want to do “under the table” transactions, we were forced to do things on our own — took own SPA (Special Power of Attorney) which costs three times the regular rate and risked in a website of express documents.





The white dress, shoes, flowers, make-up and nails. Most basic to consider to have it done. When things didn’t go well, I wasn’t allowed to have a leave that day. I want to curse those… uhm nevermind! God knows what they’ve done. (Inconsiderate !@#$ AHAHA)

I had hour and half to prepare for my make-up, nails and dress. After my nails and hair was done, I kept on thinking of this specific white dress (I have borrowed one from a friend). I did my make-up on the taxi and went back to that store. Skimmed through the whites and found a new one to fit then there I found a long queue. The borrowed dress is for me. I returned the item wherein I found the exact dress I was looking for. Less than five minutes I have the dress in my hands.

Simple. As what signifies my persona.


When I met my groom, I wonder why he left the bouquet. Only to found out he unintentionally forgot to buy. My reaction? Laughing! Then and there, God impressed our marriage will be a joyful one. Even in times of frustrations, we have the choice to be thankful to have each other. Last minute call to my cg-mates and finally a bouquet arrived.

The ceremony was short but the prelude was prolonged. The Vice Consule shook our heads with his words of practicality and not-so-wisdom. I prayed dad will hold his objection. AHAHA


Total of twenty four people went to a not-so-formal-dinner to celebrate. The Embassy will allow only two witnesses inside the area and everyone has work (since it’s Thursday). Wedding in Embassy is ONLY on Thursdays.
Hungry and ready to devour, we went to the other hotel. There was a confusion of the location. Assuming leads to mistakes. Again, I had to laugh about it. Why will I stress myself where I can choose to be happy that I am married.


Whenever I will tell my story — I am far one of the stressed brides… EVER! We didn’t even had our “honeymoon” plans since he wasn’t given an extra off. I was happy to see these ladies in the motif I wanted. Creativity is the key. Those broccolis brought life as flowers.



Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.
-1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

It is indeed my prayer that our wedding will be joyful. Joyful despite what had happened. Despite the process of filing the papers up to last minute dismays. I know it is not what a bride hopes in her wedding, but then it prepared us what to expect on our big wedding in the Philippines. The encouraging prayers, affirmations and impressed moves, I can say that true joy comes from the Lord (Romans 15:13). Joy, the second fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) which God poured both in our hearts.

So there, I’m now officially a Mrs.

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