WE: Guest Checklist

Whom shall I fear?
Those words echoed in mind as it shifted into another dimension: Whom shall I invite?
This is a common dilemma for the betrothed couple. Parents defaulted their own list as if it’s their wedding (unless they are paying for it). We have our college friends, colleagues, churchmates and even within this circle, deciding whose who makes me wanna have a double dosage of Panadol. Pleasing and honoring our parents is a way of life. A promise of prosperity (Ephesians 6:2-3). But as we go along, this is one of the first steps of decision making as a couple. Standing firm in a polite manner will eventually convince our parents with our decision.
Check this simple but very accurate infographic to answer the quesion.

P.S. Some are exception to the rule. Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you!

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