The Easy Love

Staring at my fiancé reminds me of His grace. I wrote in Instagram,

From a long-term relationship which didn’t worked out, God gave someone who I knew way back in our youth (and yes it wasn’t our time to have those romantic feelings since our focus is about Him). One thing I know it was him after all of these (past, pain, doubt, fear) is… peace. The peace that only Jesus can give — a gift. Peace of mind. Peace of heart. This two. Together. (John 14:27) Ladies, this isn’t difficult to discern (trust me, I know!). What makes it painful for us to decide is because we try to BARGAIN with God. Let the real Author write a story worth reading.

Days after, I saw an article from Olivia Women featuring Nikki Gil. Nikki said which hit down to the core,

There are so many women who are under the impression, myself included at one point, that when you cry over the relationship, you’re more invested in it because you fought for it. It sounds romantic. But it’s really not. It’s not necessary. The more you cry over a person, it doesn’t make the love stronger, if anything you’ll just regret that you cried over a person so much for nothing.

Relationships require work. But you will know, you will always know which are the forced ones. One time when I had a breakdown and he suddenly cry along with me. I ended up laughing with him. Silly yet sweet.
“There will be fights. It is normal but always go back to the moment why you chose this person, why you married this person.”
Life is too short to entertain the feeling of anger towards your partner (first couple core group topic, yay!). Marriage is a model of sacrificial love, the way Jesus died on the Cross for our sins. As Christ love the church (His bride), husbands should love their wives (Ephesians 5:25) and wives will easily submit (Ephesians 5:24).

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