Got Gut?

You gotta be bad, you gotta be bold
You gotta be wiser, you gotta be hard
You gotta be tough, you gotta be stronger

Those were the lyrics I heard while waiting for our take off. We board on time but waited for an hour since the other passengers were stuck at the immigration. I prayed for a safe travel; specifically, keep us away from lag-lag bala and a hassle-free immigration pass. I have experienced more than twelve hours of land trip but this nine hours in the plane is quite different. It was challenging and unstable (turbulence). So far, this is my longest trip overseas.

So where am I heading to? Welcome to the land of Emirates!


Finally, I got the chance to share this with you since I asked my parents that I need a rest. Man, I am really exhausted! It’s been four days since I got here but feels like I’m out of time. Both of them are always on the go!
These are the places we’ve visited:


If you want to experience the heart racing and adrenaline pumping in your veins, Ferrari World sells its sky-high basic price tickets for AED 250.


It’s quite ironic I never felt homesick because… kabayans are everywhere. As of March 2014 in the Dubai FAQs there are 700,000 Filipinos.
I’m excited to write a new story. Marhaba!

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