Conversations with A Comic Champion


I remember the first time I saw him wearing a Captain America shirt.
Captain America is special because he doesn’t use superpowers to be a hero. Aside from representing the great nation, United States of America. Every hero needs a villain to fight but Cap draws to justice.
It was my second time to attend Toastmasters. He was introduced as younger than me. The time when he spoke, I saw someone who is full of humor and confidence. A student juggling along with his extracurricular activities. From Chemical Engineering, he shifted to Electrical Engineering for the reason of making robots.
What made him different among the Toastmasters is he was able to level himself among the professionals. I was curious what’s behind the success of this young determined man.
During his adolescent years, he doesn’t want to be labeled as “nerd”. I don’t even know why it connotes as a negative trait. Leo used this as is his fuel. Why would people call him nerd if he knows many things? Eventually, he became a dancer, tennis table captain, photographer, and a natural speaker. Also, a fond of books and have his own experience of trial and error on doing the backflip. His speaking ability was accidentally discovered when he was asked to read a certain problem aloud. Then immediately he was recommended to a speech contest without training him. Here’s a full text of the scene:
My first contest was an extemporaneous speech competition back when I was a sophomore in high school (IDS) against other city schools. I was nervous, yet raved at the same time. I felt this would be a great chance to test if I have speaking prowess.

Yet I was aghast upon reading the topic quote: “What are your thoughts on Federalism?” Instead of tearing apart I decided to make the best of it. I went up on stage and said,

“Honesty, is the best policy. I just got the gist of this quotation a mere few minutes ago upon reading the topic quote. Because frankly, ladies and gentlemen, I am going to be honest with you, I have no idea.” The crowd burst in laughter.

“You, do you have an idea on Federalism? How about you, do you have any idea on this?” They nodded. “Good for you, can you enlighten me for a moment” The crowd was confused and laughing at the thought of having the 7th contestant with this approach to federalism, nothing.

“Despite having no idea to this problem, I believe every problem has a solution if we all work together and strive towards one goal. That is peace.” I went along to talk about the theme of the program instead inserting puns and jokes along the way.“

I didn’t expect to win 2nd Runner up that day, all i thought of was that I enjoyed making people laugh, and I have strived to place that ideal in every speech I did and will do.


One of his winning pieces is the “The power to speak is the power to lead.” Several contests where he reigned in: Freshmen Cup – Second Best Speaker; Area 51 – Champion; Division F – Champion; District 51 – Champion and currently National – Champion.
Here’s an excerpt from his Facebook photo caption:

As I stepped onstage, I felt somebody else working in me. The pacing, gestures, and content went to a different level from practice. It was Him.

And thanks to Iligan Toastmasters Club for honing me to finally become the first undergraduate National Impromptu Speech Champion. To my coaches TMs Alex Zeta & Archie. All Glory to the Lord.

Before the contest, I remember him anxiously asking me how will a student defeat a lawyer and disc jockey.
Well… he’s the only one who can.

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