Better Think


Out of ninety-nine cognitive biases discussed in the book, these are the top five (for me) commonly occurs to the people.
  1. Swimmer’s body illusion – We used to think using the latest product will make us a better, beautiful person. But here’s the catch, Max Ehrmann’s Desiderata states “for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.”
  2. Scarcity error – Just like the law of supply and demand, when there is a shortage of supply suddenly the demand increases. Thus giving more value to the supply.
  3. Endowment effect – People are made to be stewards of everything God has provided here on Earth (Genesis 1:26). Job, a great example from the Bible acknowledged we cannot take anything when death comes (Job 1:21).
  4. Paradox of choice – “I have nothing to wear”, a common dilemma of a girl’s closet full of clothes. Too many unused clothes in the closet results a choice of the usual comfortable clothes.
  5. Sunk cost fallacy – “You will start over again?” those are the deafening words I heard from my mother. I told her some things have to end especially my five-year relationship with M. I may have invested in things that cannot be equated with money. But when I weigh things for the future, that’s the time I had to stop. And I did stop, even before I read this book.
A well-researched book supported with everyday life decisions that affect us unconsciously. After reading this book, thinking twice will be natural.

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